Italplast Recycled Desk Accessories and Product Stewardship Program

The demand for “sustainable development” is a trend that has gained substantial momentum and is not likely to slow down during this generation and many more following.
As markets adapt to the environmental pressures of the 21st century, Australian consumers and buyers want to and have shown their willingness to choose one product over another on the grounds of preferable environmental outcomes.
The Italplast greenR range of Australian made products have been independently tested and officially certified as “Good Environmental Choice” products under the Australian Ecolabel program run by Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA).
The greenR range of Australian made products provide

  • Manufacturing attributes which are environmentally preferable and have a lower environmental impact in comparison to using similar products available on the Australian market.
  • Enhanced consumer and legal credibility of purchasing environmentally sensitive products through the GECA independent verification, delivering the market acceptance and recognition.
  • Increased recognition of environmental impact as a purchasing criteria
  • A quality range of 100% Australian made products using recycled material and packaging that are recyclable and environmentally preferable
  • Made from 98.8% pre consumer recycled plastic material
  • Please contact our office via phone or email to arrange for products to be returned for recycling if no longer required (verification and approval required first)

“ Support  both the environment and Australian industry by purchasing the 100% Australian Made Italplast greenR range of recycled desk accessories”

Product Stewardship Program

As part of our GECA Certification requirements for our greenR range of desk accessories, Italplast will accept back any desk accessories for recycling that are part of the greenR range.

If you wish to recycle any of these products at the end of their life cycle, please refer below to the following procedure to do this.

1) Please contact our office on (03) 9459 9890 or email should you wish to arrange to have some products returned for recycling.

2) All details will be verified and approved first before any products are accepted back for recycling.

3) You will be responsible for transport costs to return these products to Italplast.


Opening hours from product returns are 8.00am to 3.00pm Monday to Friday

4) Providing the products returned are not contaminated in any way with foregin material, then they can be returned to Italplast for recycling.